Simulation Lab

Baptist Health Floyd is committed to offering advanced education opportunities for its associates so that they continue to have the highest qualifications to give the best and most advanced care to their patients at all times in any scenario.

One essential education component includes the Simulation Lab. Simulated mannequins are used to provide associates anatomically realistic devices for realistic, proper training. Mannequins can be programmed to provide medical challenges that must be assessed and managed by the medical team.

Nurses have received excellent medical care information from textbooks in their training courses but some lack the experience of real-life training situations that test their abilities. The simulated mannequins provide that opportunity for them, while alleviating any doubt or concern they may have about their abilities when a real-life, emergency situation occurs. By training with simulated devices, associates are adequately equipped with the proper life-saving skills and knowledge needed to perform their job efficiently and effectively.

The mannequins may also be used by the chaplain and social workers to train associates on how to work with the emotional distress and challenges of terminally ill patients.

Although the mannequins are an integral component to simulation training, they are costly devices. Donations received for the simulation lab will directly support much needed and vital educational resources for a fully functional simulation lab. Donors for this critical initiative will be recognized for their thoughtful support on the Foundation website, in the Foundation Annual Report and in the simulation lab.

For more information about giving to the Simulation Lab click here.