Food & Nutrition Room Service

In 2013, the Floyd Memorial Foundation was successful in raising over $1 million to renovate the Hospital Cafeteria. Today, patients, visitors to the hospital, volunteers and hospital associates can now enjoy a pleasant, serene setting while dining at the cafeteria.

A second component of the Cafeteria Campaign was to improve our current room service to a hotel-style room service for patients. Through this new system, patients will have the ability to customize their room service menu according to their diet needs as prescribed by their physician. They will have the opportunity to order what they want, when they want and the meal will be delivered directly to their room.

Donations received for this initiative will directly support the room service upgrade, allowing the Hospital to serve its patients individually-selected meals that meet their medical dietary needs, and complete the final initiatives of the Cafeteria Campaign. Donors will be recognized on the Friends of the Foundation wall of recognition located outside the cafeteria, on the Foundation website and in the Foundation Annual Report.

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