Community Impact

In 2010 the Floyd Memorial Foundation  provided the following gifts and services through the Healthier Community Initiative (HCI).

  • $50,000 donated to the Floyd County Family Health Center
  • $8,500  donated to the Annual Free Prostate Cancer Screening
  • $32,500 in funding for Healthcare career scholarships
  • $150,000 donated to the Healthier Community Initiative

Healthier Community Initiative (HCI)

The Healthier Community Initiative and all its activities are wholly funded and made possible by the generous support of the Floyd Memorial Foundation.

  • Participated in 120 community outreach events
  • Screened over 9,000 people in 5 different counties
  • Hosted a Stroke Fair, Diabetes Fair, Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening, & Joint Replacement Screening
  • Held 4 Skin Cancer Screening events
  • Hosted 4 Red Cross Blood Drives, donating 125 units of blood
  • Sponsored the Joslin Prostate Screening for 550 men
  • Offered a new colon cancer screening
  • Developed a partnership with the New Albany YMCA, holding monthly screening and educational events there
  • Offered 45 educational classes
  • Partnered with the New Albany Housing Authority to create the “Healthy Kids Club”
  • Gave away 477 free bicycle helmets
  • Participated in 6 events with the New Albany Floyd County School System
  • Created the Community Benefit Workgroup at FMHHS
  • Provided 90 free mammograms to underinsured women